日本ファイナンス学会とアジアファイナンス学会の公式英文ジャーナルであるInternational Review of Financeは、早稲田大学ファイナンス研究センターとの共催で、日本市場をテーマにしたコンファレンスを下記の要領にて開催いたします。会員の皆様にはふるって参加たまわりますようお願い申し上げます。

会場:早稲田大学日本橋キャンパス ホール
   中央区日本橋1-4-1 コレド日本橋5階

テーマ:Japanese Financial Markets: Corporate Finance, Institutions, and Investments

 Currency Carry Trades and Funding Risk Sara Ferreira Filipe, Luxembourg School of Finance
  Matti Suominen, Aalto University
  Discussant: Masahiro Watanabe, University of Alberta

 Japan is not Different: Evidence on Conditional Momentum
  Matthias Hanauer, Technische Universität München
  Discussant: Kuo-Chiang (John) Wei, HKUST

 Does the Japanese Consolidated Taxation System Help Encourage High-Risk Investment?
  Masanori Orihara, Japanese Ministry of Finance
  Hideshi Itoh, Hitotsubashi University
  Discussant: Akiko Watanabe, University of Alberta

 Another Determinant of Household Leverage: Evidence from Japan’s Mortgage Loan Data
  Mamoru Nagano, Seikei University
  Dong-Ho Yeom, Hosei University
  Discussant: Jay Hartzell, University of Texas at Austin

 What Determines CDS Prices? Evidence from the Estimation of Protection Demand and Supply
  Daisuke Miyakawa, Development Bank of Japan
  Shuji Watanabe, Nihon University
  Discussant: Hong Yan, University of South Carolina

 Long-run effects of minimum trading unit reductions on stock prices
  Naoto Isaka, Sophia University
  Discussant: Matthias Hanauer, Technische Universität München

 The Streaming News Effect on InvestorBehavior surrounding Analyst Stock Revision Announcement
  Takahiro Azuma, Japan Science and Technology Agency
  Katsuhiko Okada, Kwansei Gakuin University Institute of Business and Accounting
  Yukinobu Hamuro, Kwansei Gakuin University Institute of Business and Accounting
  Discussant: Sara Ferreira Filipe, Luxembourg School of Finance

 “Volatility Anomaly” in the Japanese Equity Market and the Behavior of Foreign Institutional and Domestic Individual Investors
  Seiichiro Iwasawa, The NUCB Graduate School
  Tomonori Uchiyama, Quantitative Research Department, Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.
  Discussant: Chu Zhang, HKUST